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whatshouldibuy's Journal

Grocery Store Help
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All Members , Moderated
About Us
The main purpose of this community is to provide information on different kinds of food for those who are trying to lose weight or get healthy.
Anyone can join!
Because we all have trouble when we go to the grocery store, right?

Rules =)
1) Respect your mods, and everyone for that matter
2) Make every post friends only
3) Every post must contain some sort of food-related text, link etc.
4) No tips or tricks please, unless it has to do with food!
5) Please put long entries under an lj-cut
6)Want to post a picture?
Suggested image hosts are:
and Image Shack

7) If you are promoting (thank you very much), please promote to relevant communities, and make sure that it's okay with the mods so that we don't tread on anyone's toes.
8) If you are going to promote in this community, please put your food advice first and place your promotion banner behind an lj-cut marked "promotion". Otherwise they will be rejected.

Please contact mod rechoired [lieinthesound@gmail.com] if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


This community does not encourage Eating Disorders. Any Eating Disorder comments in a submitted post will not be approved. If you see a comment encouraging an Eating Disorder, please inform one of the mods and we will deal with it, and that person, as soon as possible.

Thanks to placingfingers for the idea.